18 October, 2009

LRT to Subang Jaya/USJ Comments/Feedback Forms

Proposed Kelana Jaya LRT Line Extension into Subang Jaya/USJ
Comments/Feedback Forms

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How to submit your Comments/Feedback
Please submit this Feedback Form by:
25 November 2009 (Wednesday)

By Hand
Drop into the designated box provided at the Lobby, MPSJ Complex - USJ5

By Fax:
03-5631 2757

By Mail:
c/o P O Box 3215,
47509 Subang Jaya,
Selangor D.E.

Feedback forms can also be obtained from MPSJ, ADUN Subang Jaya's Office, participating JKPs and Residents Associations.

13 October, 2009

Station Location and Details

Station No.4 (KTM Komuter @ Subang Parade)

Platform Type : ISLAND
Park & Ride : YES

Station No.5 (Persiaran Jengka @ SS15/SS17)

Platform Type : ISLAND
Park & Ride : NO

Station No.6 (Persiaran Jengka @ SS14/SS18)

Platform Type : ISLAND
Park & Ride : NO

Station No.7 (Persiaran Kewajipan @ Goodyear Court 2)

Platform Type : ISLAND
Park & Ride : YES

Station No.8 (Persiaran Kewajipan @ Goodyear Court 3)

Platform Type : SIDE
Park & Ride : NO

Station No.9 (Persiaran Kewajipan @ Wawasan School)

Platform Type : SIDE
Park & Ride : NO

Station No.10 (Persiaran Kewajipan @ USJ21)

Platform Type : SIDE
Park & Ride : YES

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Facilities available at all Stations (Kelana Jaya Line)

Facilities for the disabled at all Stations (Kelana Jaya Line)

DOE Guidelines on Enviromental Noise

Addition information will be included as they become available in the meantime please refer to the following links:

12 October, 2009

LRT Extension Routing

About the LRT Line Extension to Subang Jaya (Routing Proposal)

From the Kelana Jaya station, the line will run towards Subang Jaya and the first local stop will be at the KTM Komuter station. The LRT line will run along Jalan Jengka through Subang Jaya and Persiaran Kewajipan through USJ. After USJ, the line will head towards Putra Heights. An intrechange at the final station in Putra Heights allows a connection to the Ampang line with links to Puchong, Kinrara, KL, etc.

The estimated total distance for the new extension is 17km, with 13 stations, including 7 stations located within Subang Jaya/USJ. (All stations will have facilities such as lifts, escalators and other public amenties, including facilities for the physically disabled.)
Work is expected to begin in 2010 and is targeted for completion and commissioning in 2013.

Details of proposed LRT route and station details are now on display for public viewing/comments at:
Venue : Lobby, MPSJ Complex in USJ5, Subang Jaya.

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You can also view additional pictures and comments of the Routing at the following link: USJ Community Website

07 October, 2009

Ad-Hoc Action Group (Residents of Subang Jaya/USJ/Bandar Sunway)

An ad-hoc Action Group comprising Community Representatives from JKP Zones 1 - 3, Subang Jaya Residents Association, USJ Residents Association, Bandar Sunway Residents Association, SJ Alert & Transit has been formed to address various concerns, social and environmental impact issues pertaining to the Proposed LRT line extension into Subang Jaya.
Your Feedback/Comments will help the ad-hoc Action Group to prepare the necessary submissions and/or new recommendations to the Department of Railways and Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad.

17 September, 2009

Formation of a Focus Group

From: Theresa Ratnam Thong [mailto: theresa@pc.jaring.my]
Sent: Thursday, 17 September 2009 2:18 PM
To: aag-sj@googlegroups.com; jkp-zone1@googlegroups.com; ppsj-members@googlegroups.com; Eileen Cheah; USJ5 Melvin Lee; robertec@sjalert.com.my; 'A. Bala'Cc: hannahyeohts@gmail.com; Azli; Arumugam (Ahli Majlis MPSJ); keshminder@mpsj.gov.my; ismail@mpsj.gov.my; Ismail Kamal Abdul Rahman; ydp.adnan@mpsj.gov.my; Rajiv Rishyakaran; Ken Chia; Patrick Tan; Roslan SMS; mohd.ariffuddin@mpsj.gov.my
Subject: Formation of a Focus Group - The Proposed LRT Extension From Kelana Jaya to Putra Heights
Importance: High

Dear Residents

Greetings to you
I have been receiving phone calls, both from the Press and the Residents, with regards to the matter. In view of the interest being generated on this matter, the following will take place:

1. Formation of a Focus Group consisting of:
- Reps from SJRA, USJRA, BSRA, JKPs 1 - 3; will want to be part of the Focus group ((Will check if JKPs 4 - 7 if they would like to be included)
- Individuals like Mr Moaz, Mr Robert Chan, Mr Patrick Tan who are familiar with Transportation issues
- The Councillors for Zone 1 - 3. I will discuss with Zone 4, 5, 6 & 7 Councillors to see if they want to be present. (They are copied on this e-mail.)

2. The Terms of Reference for the Focus Group are:
a. Familiarise and Review the proposed LRT alignment. This can be done using the SWOT Analysis and Appreciative Inquiry Method, if need be
b. Engage in small group discussions with our local groups to get feedback from residents, college students, commercial sector etc on their views of the alignment
c. To set up an on-line facility to receive feedback from residents and other parties on the LRTalignment
d. Convene a discussion with a larger group all stakeholders to get more perpsectives on the matter
e. Collate all feedback in order to take it to another level of consolidation
f. Anything else??

3. Meeting of the Focus Group
The Focus group will need to meet to put our minds together. Hence once the members are confirmed (basically a team of maximum 20 persons) ... deadline ... 30th Sept ... for the names to be submitted. After that we can convene a meeting. So kindly recommend the persons' names who will sit in this Focus group.

For now I will help co-ordinate this. Once the Focus group is formed, we can nominate a new Co-ordinator to take things forward.

4. Assistance from SJ Alert
Mr Robert Chan of SJ Alert will be sending an e-mail and sms blast to encourage people to view the display. After which they can forward the views to the dedicated on-line communication facility (to be decided by next week)

Please help to provide more input on the above so that we can take this forward.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Warm regards
Theresa Ratnam Thong
Subang Jaya