18 October, 2009

LRT to Subang Jaya/USJ Comments/Feedback Forms

Proposed Kelana Jaya LRT Line Extension into Subang Jaya/USJ
Comments/Feedback Forms

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How to submit your Comments/Feedback
Please submit this Feedback Form by:
25 November 2009 (Wednesday)

By Hand
Drop into the designated box provided at the Lobby, MPSJ Complex - USJ5

By Fax:
03-5631 2757

By Mail:
c/o P O Box 3215,
47509 Subang Jaya,
Selangor D.E.

Feedback forms can also be obtained from MPSJ, ADUN Subang Jaya's Office, participating JKPs and Residents Associations.


  1. Mak Meng Chin
    39 Jalan USJ 11/2D
    47620 Subang Jaya
    012 3836508
    I/C: 640209-01-6069

    Not in favour of the LRT extension to Subang Jaya

    Comments on proposed Kelana Jaya LRT line extension into Subang Jaya/USJ

    Saving trees and cost of replanting new trees
    Matured trees must be relocated and replanted upon the completion of the LRT. This serves 2 purposes: i. protect the environment ii. Save cost of replanting NEW trees

    Feeder Bus Services
    Feeder bus services and all its routes must be planned now and must be fully operational upon the completion of LRT. A well planned feeder bus services is vital for the success of the LRT. It must be on schedule so that commuters can rely on them to get to the LRT station on time for their next train as planned. Failure to provide reliable and timely feeder buses would hamper the success of LRT

    Bigger pick up/drop off area at LRT stations
    This is to ensure that roads leading to/fro pick up/drop off area are not blocked and cause unnecessary traffic congestion and inconvenience to other road users

    Traffic jams, road congestion must be minimized
    The area needed for LRT work must be well planned so that all materials needed for the work is kept within the work area. The work area must not be too huge that it cause too many road lanes to be closed and causes traffic jams and congestion. It does not have to be “if you want LRT, bear with the inconvenience”. Inconveniences must be minimized with good planning with sufficient work area for LRT construction

    Flooding during construction
    Construction materials must not block drains, flow of water during raining that causes flooding or a lot of water on the road due to water not able to flow into drains

    Damages to houses/properties along the LRT route due to LRT works
    We are aware of the plight of Sri Petaling residents whose houses cracked/damaged as a result of construction of highway near their houses. Care must be taken to minimize the occurrence of residents houses/properties are damage which cause a lot inconvenience and trauma to the affected residents

    Blackout as a result of LRT works
    Care must be taken to minimize cut off of electricity. Generators must be on standby so that businesses do not suffer losses and residents do not have to live without electricity and suffer the inconvenience

    Strategic placed clear signages and warnings along the LRT route
    This is to ensure the safety of both the road users as well as LRT construction workers

    Dusty roads and pollutions
    Roads must be watered to prevent dust and pollution as a result of the LRT works

    Potholes during construction
    Potholes must be patched up immediately so that not to endanger especially the motor bikers, caused accidents and injuries to road users. Badly damaged roads must be resurfaced during construction of the LRT and not only upon completion of LRT

  2. I have been staying in Subang jaya SS14/8 since 1984. When I shifted here we have green plantation and no usj. Later on we have usj then ldp now you want to give us lrt. Is this the green technology township that our PM is trying to promote and you are giving us at ss14/8 more pollution and noise. I am seriously against the route it serve no purpose running at jalan tejuan and along the ldp to usj. It should go from ss15 to pyramid and to usj.

  3. I'm staying in USJ 17/8, the LRT will pass in directly in front of my house!!!Enough already with the traffic noise from the LDP,now LRT??? Are they going to build a noise barrier?Totally against this!

    Please take care of us,
    - a lots of people stay here & worker work here (both factories & Offices).
    - We have low cost people here
    - We have SPACE here
    - If the station build at here, there are more parking bays can be build
    - the mosque here is almost ready
    - we have school & pupils here
    - Jalan Kewajipan (in front of Summit Hotel) is far more congested now, if build the station stop along the road, it will worst the already heavy traffic flow only
    - all of us here already suffer from the famous traffic jam, please give us something which help to reduce traffic & NO MORE ADDED TRAFFIC JAM please
    - we already have 2 Rapid KL shuttle bus here, it can take LRT passengers from here to go to Summit, Taipan, SS21, SS19 without traffic jam (the bus route is reverse traffic way)

    In Summary, there is more wise to build the LRT station "inside" here (Subang Mewah USJ1) rather than along Jln Kewajipan.

  5. I am staying at SS18 SJ and I am not in favour of the LRT extension passing through residential area in SJ. The LRT will create noise and dust pollution. Additionally, with a station nearby (STN06) safety, security, traffic congestion and indiscriminate parking will create havoc for the nearby residents.

  6. why doesn't the LRT go underground? singapore & thailand's MRT/LRT services very well.

    the cost will definitely inflate because of underground works but i'm sure if less people's pocket needs to be filled, the community's pockets will have more money from less driving.

    everyone is so afraid of letting go of their cars. our car's exhaust kills so much more trees while standing idle in a traffic jam that is endured everyday in Subang.

    chicken and eggs my friend. if we're not going to even give public transport a chance, how will we ever?

  7. Does MPSJ not cover Putra Heights as well? Why is this site only concerned about Subang Jaya and USJ??!

  8. 13 additional stations are just too many, especially the 7 in USJ and SJ. Consolidate those smaller stations (ones without park n ride) into the larger ones. Make sure the stations are positioned outside the USJ/SJ main traffic routes. Have an effective feeder bus system instead to ferry passengers to the big stations. Too many stations not only increase cost but also congestion, lengthens the travel time and potentially cost passed on to communters in terms of fare.

  9. I am against the LRT station which is just next to the Wawasan school. Having a LRT just at the exit road of the school will definitely cause traffic congestion.

    More importantly, the safety of the primary schoolchildren. LRT stations being a public and crowded area attracts criminals especially snatch thieves.

    Also, this station is taking up part of the field in front of USJ18. Fields are meant for the recreation and enjoyment of the residents and community.

  10. i agree with weiyeng said why doesn't the LRT go underground?

    why? why? why?

    It is our tax payer money to benefit our next generation and now. why can't we follow Singapore living standard of having underground trains. It is because of the cost than goverment shouldn't increase their budget. However our standard of living are much worse than India and China. As conclusion China are doing tunnel for their citizen wants and needs, why couldn't we have it because of break even point.

  11. why dont have lrt go to putrajaya ???so long time by bus to go putrajaya,about 3 hours

  12. Most of my fellow residents in Casa Tiara and e-tiara welcome the proposed LRT station meeting the KTM commuter line at the present KTM station in Section 16 but are very concerned about rumours of the accompanying development. There is talk that Sime UEP is considering a 25-storey complex at the same location. This will be a total environmental disaster given that the area is already over-supplied with condominium complexes and seriously congested as it is. The combined traffic of the existing condo complexes, Carrefour and Subang Parade together with the through traffic entering Subang Jaya already makes this area a constant daily traffic nightmare. We are totally against a high density development here. The most reasonable and useful idea to pursue is a multi-storey carpark for commuters who chose the park-and-ride option.
    ~Prof Lim Chee Seng, Casa Tiara Resident

  13. Mak Meng Chin
    39 jalan USJ 11/2D
    47620 Subang jaya
    012 383 6508

    Continution from my 1st comment above..
    The LRT extension is going to RM15 billion both the Kelana Jaya as well as the Sri Petaling link.

    The RM15 billion could be better used to improve the bus system. Better feeder bus system to cover all routes, not just the profitable routes so that people can use bus all the way to the LRT station both at the Subang Depot as well as the last station at Komanwel.

    Dedicated bus lanes enforced to ensure smoother rides and less travel time to LRT stations would encourage people to use the buses.

    The buses must run on schedule and not operate to the whims and fancy of the bus drivers, must be reliable to arrive at destination on schedule times.

    Billions could be saved for other beneficial use such as to increase police patrol to improve safety and security of people.

    The billions RM spent on LRT would be better spent to ensure more integrated bus system for the future.

    Please reconsider the LRT extension. Instead scrap the project.

    Thank you.

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  22. The people who live behind summit area are desperately in need of ways to drive out this area during peak hours. I am surprised why there is no lrt station here. If there is one, people who are shopping at Summit, Mydin and Giant dont even have to drive. Furthermore, people who normally drive to KL or PJ area no longer need to drive. They will thank me for the reduction in jam there.

    By having the station at Goodyear, many of us will need to first escape the hell of the traffic lights there. If you expect us to walk to the nearest station at Goodyear apartment, we will be lucky if we dont get hit by the motorcycles, cars and lorries.

    Come on guys, LRT is supposed to connect densely populated area, offices, shopping centers and schools. Just build one station at Summit and this will ease our pains and suffering.